Faith in Focus
The magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand.

Faith in Focus is the denominational magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. The magazine seeks to promote biblical Reformed thinking as it applies to all areas of life.

It contains articles that are theological in nature as well as on pastoral subjects and general areas of Christian living. Both young and old will find interesting reading material in its pages.

Faith in Focus is published each month except for January and the magazine is available by way of subscription. To subscribe, please contact the Editor.

Latest Featured Articles

Cults for dummies

By |October 2019|

I’m always interested in hearing the impressions that visitors have who have joined us for the first time in corporate worship. One of the most surprising pieces of feedback I received was from a young lady. After she had been worshipping with us for about one year, she shared with [...]

They still bear fruit in old age…

By |August 2019|

I remember my grandmother fondly. She was a faithful Christian, and a jovial, kind-hearted, matriarchal figure in our family. She worked hard constantly and in many different ways: in the church, in the local community, and with her large family. She was even the local mayor at one stage and [...]

Fortress Church or Outwardly Serving Church?

By |July 2019|

‘Solid’, ‘strong’, ‘robust’ are all words which describe a fortress church. These buildings were constructed during the Middle Ages, especially in Southern France and Transylvania (Romania). In addition to being a place of worship, a fortress church was used by the local population as a retreat and defensive refuge against [...]

Human Rights and Wrongs

By |May 2019|

In March of 2017, New Zealand passed the Te Awa Tupua Act making the Whanganui River the first river in the world to be legally recognized as a human being. The Act declares that ‘Te Awa Tupua is a legal person and has all the rights, powers, duties, and liabilities [...]

Pornography: A secret sin

By |April 2019|

I wonder, dear reader, how I should address you. My natural inclination is to treat you as a casual observer of other people’s sin – to speak on such a topic from a distance, giving you interesting information so you’ll be able to help your friend if the topic comes [...]

More than a Songbook

By |April 2019|

Many years ago – when I was preaching regularly in a church, but not yet ordained as a minister – an elder came to me and said, “You don’t include many Psalms in the services you lead.” I was taken aback by the comment, because I thought I had [...]