Faith in Focus
The magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand.

Faith in Focus is the denominational magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. The magazine seeks to promote biblical Reformed thinking as it applies to all areas of life.

It contains articles that are theological in nature as well as on pastoral subjects and general areas of Christian living. Both young and old will find interesting reading material in its pages.

Faith in Focus is published each month except for January and the magazine is available by way of subscription. To subscribe, please contact the Editor.

Latest Featured Articles

Looking after your horse

By |July 2020|

My favourite quote on burnout comes from Robert Murray M’Cheyne. He was an especially gifted man who graduated from University as a fourteen year old and was pastoring a Presbyterian congregation of over a thousand by age twenty three. However, he worked himself not just to the point of burnout, [...]

“Man Down!”

By |June 2020|

1 Corinthians 5 – A case in church discipline being neglected In the best police forces there must be a tight cohesion in extremely dangerous situations. The awareness and responsibility for fellow officers are part and parcel of these operations. Nowhere is this more evident than when one of them becomes [...]

Picture books as teaching tools

By |April 2020|

My husband and I have four children, aged 6 through 11, and we love books! The library is a prime destination for our household and I have bookcases at home full of a range of genres and reading levels. Many of these books are picture books as this was basically [...]

Beauty and the Bible

By |March 2020|

I am blessed to live in the Wairarapa. In our neck of the woods it is always sunny and warm and the summer goes on forever. What is especially distinctive about our lives here is the hills. Not only the view of the sunrise as it illuminates the peaks, nor [...]

Dealing with false faiths – Islam

By |February 2020|

In this series of dealing with false faiths, we have looked at two faiths that one might have knocking on their door – Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now, what these faiths also have in common is that they would describe themselves as Christian, because they claim to believe in [...]

Speaking words of wisdom

By |December 2019|

The November 2017 issue of this magazine was themed “Bringing Christ to the Workplace” and featured articles by three young professional women and their approach to sharing their faith in three distinct work places – professional office, in the hospital and in the classroom. A common thread in all three [...]