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Millenials and the Gospel

A week or two ago I was reading, as I often do, Tim Challies’s daily blog. The observations he was making about millennials struck me as having exceptional insight. Take a look and see if what he writes strikes a chord with you in your own interactions with millennials at your workplace, in your retail outlet, at your gym – or even in your home … We hear a lot [...]

By |February 2018|

Friendship with the World?

Jesus the friend of sinners Jesus was well known (but not always well-regarded) as a friend of sinners.1 We rightly rejoice in the friendship that Jesus extends – when we see ourselves as the sinners whom he befriends. But the red flags come out when we hear about Christians today who choose to pursue close associations with known sinners. Many church-goers shy away from this sort of thing. We worry [...]

By |February 2018|

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother

Why are you friends with your friends? How would you answer that question? Many of us may not be able to identify any particular reason why we befriend someone. People become friends because they have similar interests or hobbies. Others are drawn together by similar situations or experiences, such as those who are brought together for treatment for an illness or disease. Other questions to consider are: Are you [...]

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