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Cults for dummies

I’m always interested in hearing the impressions that visitors have who have joined us for the first time in corporate worship. One of the most surprising pieces of feedback I received was from a young lady. After she had been worshipping with us for about one year, she shared with me her initial impression of the church. To my horror she said: ‘I thought you were a bit of a [...]

By |June 2019|

Fortress Church or Outwardly Serving Church?

‘Solid’, ‘strong’, ‘robust’ are all words which describe a fortress church. These buildings were constructed during the Middle Ages, especially in Southern France and Transylvania (Romania). In addition to being a place of worship, a fortress church was used by the local population as a retreat and defensive refuge against the constant threat of invaders. A fortress church was enclosed by its own fortifications to prevent outsiders getting in. ‘A [...]

By |March 2019|

Human Rights and Wrongs

In March of 2017, New Zealand passed the Te Awa Tupua Act making the Whanganui River the first river in the world to be legally recognized as a human being. The Act declares that ‘Te Awa Tupua is a legal person and has all the rights, powers, duties, and liabilities of a legal person.’ This essentially means that those who harm the river will face the same legal consequences as [...]

By |March 2019|

The Eschatology of Parenting

Yesterday I helped a toddler clean up a 44 ounce cup of Coke Zero he’d spilled everywhere (yes, it was mine; and no, there were not 44 ounces left remaining in it when he found it). I answered forty questions about whether Jesus made Lego blocks (so stay tuned for my new sermon series on “The Logos and the Legos”). And I disciplined a tantrum thrower and a sulker. All [...]

By |December 2018|

Parenting 101

Does it seem like parenting has gotten more complicated? I mean, as far as I can tell, back in the day parents basically tried to feed their kids, clothe them, and keep them away from explosives. Now our kids have to sleep on their backs (no wait, their tummies; no never mind, their backs), while listening to Baby Mozart surrounded by scenes of Starry, Starry Night. They have to be [...]

By |December 2018|

More than a Songbook

Many years ago – when I was preaching regularly in a church, but not yet ordained as a minister – an elder came to me and said, “You don’t include many Psalms in the services you lead.” I was taken aback by the comment, because I thought I had a balanced set of songs, overall. I replied, “Well, maybe I don’t have many in one service, but in another [...]

By |November 2018|

Christian Character in Public Office

We live in a day of considerable political turmoil; when public emotion is being whipped up by populists bent on personal gain; and when the qualities of true statesmanship, once admired by everyone, are in short supply. Even evangelical Christians, now, are prepared to support men of bad character when specific policy gains are dangled as carrots. That is not to say that we are entirely bereft of good men [...]

By |October 2018|

Pornography: A secret sin

I wonder, dear reader, how I should address you. My natural inclination is to treat you as a casual observer of other people’s sin – to speak on such a topic from a distance, giving you interesting information so you’ll be able to help your friend if the topic comes up. That’s safer for me, and it’s less unsettling for you. Sadly though, most of the things I have read [...]

By |September 2018|

What does a lack of discernment prove?

1) Lack of Discernment Is Proof of Spiritual Immaturity In the closing verses of Hebrews 5, the author of this great letter warns his readers against apostasy, against straying from the faith: About this we have much to say, and it is hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the [...]

By |July 2018|

Being a Good Samaritan

One of the biggest challenges for Christians who have grown up in the church and have been raised on Bible stories from infancy is to hear them in the way the original audience did. Many Bible accounts are so familiar to us, that we never really stop to think them through. Jesus’ parable of The Good Samaritan is a case in point. The term “Good Samaritan” has found its way [...]

By |June 2018|