Faith in Focus
The magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand.

Faith in Focus is the denominational magazine of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. The magazine seeks to promote biblical Reformed thinking as it applies to all areas of life.

It contains articles that are theological in nature as well as on pastoral subjects and general areas of Christian living. Both young and old will find interesting reading material in its pages.

Faith in Focus is published each month except for January and the magazine is available by way of subscription. To subscribe, please contact the Editor.

Latest Featured Articles

In awe of my timeless Saviour

By |June 2021|

It was the year 1995. Annette and I, with our young family, were fresh migrants to New Zealand and so were Annette’s sister, Sandra, and her family. They were living in Tokoroa, and we in Auckland. Well, it was some time during that same year that Sandra rang me. This [...]

God’s Time

By |June 2021|

Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder Children growing up, old friends growing older Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger – Rush, Time Stand Still Introduction At this time of the year, we can only look back with longing on the summer that [...]

Food for thought

By |May 2021|

Food processing and manufacturing The world we live in is different from that of our great-grandparents. Everything moves faster and changes faster too. There is more knowledge, more choice and more legislation. We live differently and we eat differently. Food manufacturing and processed food has, and still does, play a [...]

Speaking the truth in love

By |April 2021|

In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, seventeen percent of US servicemen and women killed were killed by what is known as ‘friendly fire’.1 Friendly fire is when someone is shot or bombed by their own side. That figure in itself is staggering. In part it is a problem of [...]

C. S. Lewis, inventor of worlds

By |March 2021|

We all have an imagination 1, given to us by God to use for his glory and the increase of his kingdom on earth. However, few manage to employ their imagination so strongly to this effect as C. S. Lewis did. As we consider Lewis, his life and his faith, his [...]

Engaging an unbelieving world

By |February 2021|

Several years ago I worked for Inland Revenue’s child support debt recovery team. My role was to engage parents who fell behind in paying their child support and attempt to secure a commitment to pay their debt.  As you might imagine, this was a difficult and challenging job. It’s rare [...]

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