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Problems associated with prayer

John Goris Prayer! Ah yes, we know it is important. We tell our children: “Wait!” when they get around the dinner table. “We pray first!” And rightly so, for “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down fromthe Father of heavenly lights …” (James 1:17). But there is more to prayer than meets the eye and when our food is on the table. It is a bond with God, [...]

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City of God against the Pagans

Josh Rogers I’m sure we’ve all heard of Augustine of Hippo, famous writer of the Confessions and City of God, among many others. Why is the City of God still read 1600 years later and is it still relevant for us today? What’s it all about? Augustine of Hippo was born in 354 AD in Hippo, in the Roman province of Africa, modern-day Tunisia. His parents were upper-middle-class pagans, although [...]