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Character in Proverbs

My husband and I enjoy taking personality tests for fun, partly because it can be a useful tool to help you understand your spouse better, but mostly because we think the results are hilarious. In every test we take we end up on opposite ends of the spectrum! The most entertaining ones are the tests which say: ‘if you are x personality, don’t marry y personality’. That’s us, x and [...]

By |May 2023|

A Christian perspective on Science: Why science is good but liable to human corruption

Science is a beautiful subject and an inherently good pursuit. Observing and studying creation ought to point us to the Creator and illicit a response of humility and worship of God. Unfortunately, science can be twisted by the human heart into something self-promoting and God-denying. The benefit of science God created us with inquiring minds and set us in a world full of beauty to appreciate and observe. By admiring [...]

By |May 2023|

Changed for the better – How the Gospel has impacted our World

Who would dare to fail to acknowledge the way Christianity has affected and completely infiltrated society as we know it? Western civilisation fleeing back to paganism in so many different ways is showing that vividly today. From the ancient Gallic belief of the sky falling upon our heads replicated in the climate ideology to the Greek, Roman, and Norse gods portrayed in non-binary modern cinematic drama, and with everything else [...]

By |May 2023|

A waste of good preaching?

When God does anything, He does it on a grand scale! God always thinks big! When He made the earth, He also made the entire universe, the stars, the sun, the moon: that entire expanse! And why? Simply because He could! When He made Adam, and then Eve, God was not content with just another type of animal, but created humanity in His likeness and image, called us His friends, [...]

By |May 2023|

Following Jesus at a comfortable distance

You and I have no right to do with our lives as we please! Unless, of course, it pleases us to live the way Jesus Christ wants us to, as is true of any real Christian. If it doesn’t please you to live His way, are you a real Christian? Our lives are not our own, because Jesus Christ has purchased us with His blood (1 Peter 1:18-19). He owns [...]

By |May 2023|

Revival: what does it look like?

Imagine walking into one of those marquee tents so famously found in the circus. Upon entering you are greeted with an extraordinary sight. The man at the front, holding a Bible and excitedly quoting Scripture, is running from one end of the stage to the other. The front row of people is falling backwards as the animated preacher waves his hands over them. Others in the gathering are roaring like [...]

By |May 2023|

Problems associated with prayer

John Goris Prayer! Ah yes, we know it is important. We tell our children: “Wait!” when they get around the dinner table. “We pray first!” And rightly so, for “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down fromthe Father of heavenly lights …” (James 1:17). But there is more to prayer than meets the eye and when our food is on the table. It is a bond with God, [...]

By |November 2021|

City of God against the Pagans

Josh Rogers I’m sure we’ve all heard of Augustine of Hippo, famous writer of the Confessions and City of God, among many others. Why is the City of God still read 1600 years later and is it still relevant for us today? What’s it all about? Augustine of Hippo was born in 354 AD in Hippo, in the Roman province of Africa, modern-day Tunisia. His parents were upper-middle-class pagans, although [...]

By |October 2021|

Managing Screen Time

Laura van den Engel ‘Screen time’ is not something that our parents worried about when we were children. Sure, they kept an eye on how much TV we watched, but TVs were just that – television. Cartoons, the news, or movies. Today however, tablets and smartphones have become so much more powerful in their reach. We can read books, work, manage emails and our calendars, check the weather, read the [...]

By |September 2021|

The cultural mandate – ignored, misunderstood, or faithfully obeyed?

David Waldron Do you enjoy being out in the garden? Many of us do. We spend time tending our vegetable patches, flower beds, lawns, and/or indoor plants or going to a park in the city to walk amongst the trees there. Gardening really is the ‘oldest profession’, going back almost right to the beginning of the world when God put Adam in the paradise of Eden to work it and [...]

By |August 2021|
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