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Problems associated with prayer

John Goris Prayer! Ah yes, we know it is important. We tell our children: “Wait!” when they get around the dinner table. “We pray first!” And rightly so, for “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down fromthe Father of heavenly lights …” (James 1:17). But there is more to prayer than meets the eye and when our food is on the table. It is a bond with God, [...]

By |November 2021|

City of God against the Pagans

Josh Rogers I’m sure we’ve all heard of Augustine of Hippo, famous writer of the Confessions and City of God, among many others. Why is the City of God still read 1600 years later and is it still relevant for us today? What’s it all about? Augustine of Hippo was born in 354 AD in Hippo, in the Roman province of Africa, modern-day Tunisia. His parents were upper-middle-class pagans, although [...]

By |October 2021|

Managing Screen Time

Laura van den Engel ‘Screen time’ is not something that our parents worried about when we were children. Sure, they kept an eye on how much TV we watched, but TVs were just that – television. Cartoons, the news, or movies. Today however, tablets and smartphones have become so much more powerful in their reach. We can read books, work, manage emails and our calendars, check the weather, read the [...]

By |September 2021|

The cultural mandate – ignored, misunderstood, or faithfully obeyed?

David Waldron Do you enjoy being out in the garden? Many of us do. We spend time tending our vegetable patches, flower beds, lawns, and/or indoor plants or going to a park in the city to walk amongst the trees there. Gardening really is the ‘oldest profession’, going back almost right to the beginning of the world when God put Adam in the paradise of Eden to work it and [...]

By |August 2021|

A Christian Perspective

Reuben van Ameyde Environmentalism has grown to become a subject of passionate discussion in recent decades. The western world is zealous for the protection of the natural environment and we should be thankful that this is the case. Just think about the consequences of a world where environmental destruction was fashionable. However, putting the environment on such a high pedestal elevates it beyond its proper place in relation to God [...]

By |August 2021|

In Christ

In Christ Erik Stolte Introduction 1When you describe your faith to someone, you would probably describe yourself as a “Christian.” After all most people in the world understand the term even if it is in a limited sense. But you might be interested to know that when Paul writes to believers in various churches he never calls them, “Christians.” The word itself only occurs 3 times in the Bible and [...]

By |July 2021|

In awe of my timeless Saviour

It was the year 1995. Annette and I, with our young family, were fresh migrants to New Zealand and so were Annette’s sister, Sandra, and her family. They were living in Tokoroa, and we in Auckland. Well, it was some time during that same year that Sandra rang me. This is what she said: “Pieter, we have become friends with our neighbours.” “They’re very kind people from India.” “They’re Muslims.” [...]

By |June 2021|

God’s Time

Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder Children growing up, old friends growing older Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger – Rush, Time Stand Still Introduction At this time of the year, we can only look back with longing on the summer that has passed,remembering those hot Sunday afternoons that we wished were cooler and thinking of how foolish we were! But all [...]

By |June 2021|

Food for thought

Food processing and manufacturing The world we live in is different from that of our great-grandparents. Everything moves faster and changes faster too. There is more knowledge, more choice and more legislation. We live differently and we eat differently. Food manufacturing and processed food has, and still does, play a part in this change. The very mention of processed food can lead to some very interesting and emotive discussions. In [...]

By |May 2021|

Speaking the truth in love

In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, seventeen percent of US servicemen and women killed were killed by what is known as ‘friendly fire’.1 Friendly fire is when someone is shot or bombed by their own side. That figure in itself is staggering. In part it is a problem of the modern war machine, where weapons are more effective in killing larger numbers of people. But it is also simply [...]

By |April 2021|
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