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A Christian Perspective

Reuben van Ameyde Environmentalism has grown to become a subject of passionate discussion in recent decades. The western world is zealous for the protection of the natural environment and we should be thankful that this is the case. Just think about the consequences of a world where environmental destruction was fashionable. However, putting the environment on such a high pedestal elevates it beyond its proper place in relation to God [...]

By |August 2021|

In Christ

In Christ Erik Stolte Introduction 1When you describe your faith to someone, you would probably describe yourself as a “Christian.” After all most people in the world understand the term even if it is in a limited sense. But you might be interested to know that when Paul writes to believers in various churches he never calls them, “Christians.” The word itself only occurs 3 times in the Bible and [...]

By |July 2021|