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C. S. Lewis, inventor of worlds

We all have an imagination 1, given to us by God to use for his glory and the increase of his kingdom on earth. However, few manage to employ their imagination so strongly to this effect as C. S. Lewis did. As we consider Lewis, his life and his faith, his apologetics and his radio broadcasts, we must also consider the enduring appeal of the books that he brought to life [...]

By |March 2021|

Engaging an unbelieving world

Several years ago I worked for Inland Revenue’s child support debt recovery team. My role was to engage parents who fell behind in paying their child support and attempt to secure a commitment to pay their debt.  As you might imagine, this was a difficult and challenging job. It’s rare that people want to hear from an Inland Revenue debt collector. And some really don’t want to hear from you!  [...]

By |February 2021|

“God is here … where are you?” Covid-19 and the doctrine of Corporate Worship

Protestant Christianity is facing considerable pressure to re-define itself in the modern era. This has simply come to more of a head during recent events. Sadly, many evangelical church leaders have favored pragmatism to orthodoxy … even going so far as to advise the government that corporate church services (central to the Christian faith) are essentially social gatherings and should be treated as such.  But unfortunately, the church’s view of corporate [...]

By |December 2020|


Hey, did you hear what Bob did the other day after work? Well …”  “You will never guess what happened to Judy on Friday night [laughter] but don’t worry, I will fill you in!”  “Oh my … I have a very private prayer request to share with you … You see, I heard that …” Have you ever heard statements like these? Have you ever had a conversation where this [...]

By |November 2020|

Christian Leadership

As I am writing this, we are still in the middle of the Covid 19 crisis. New Zealanders have been looking to the government for leadership and direction through this difficult time. The Prime Minister has given us clear explanations about the government’s decisions and directions and why they have chosen the course they have. No doubt all of us have had our own thoughts on what should happen and [...]

By |September 2020|

The sin of gluttony

I have been asked by the editor to comment, as a Christian medical practitioner, on gluttony and obesity from a medical perspective. I have agreed, with some trepidation, since the topic of people’s weight is a sensitive issue and I certainly do not want to contribute to any “fat shaming” or the labelling of people as “sinful” based on their dimensions! Gluttony is a very old-fashioned word. It was one [...]

By |August 2020|

Food, glorious food?

Gluttony is not a word we hear much today, other than when we tease someone about being a ‘glutton’ for punishment. Have you ever heard a sermon on gluttony? Have you ever reflected on whether the sin of gluttony is one you are prone to? No-one has ever confessed to me that they struggle with the sin of gluttony. Are you reading this article and you’re quietly impressed you’ve made [...]

By |August 2020|

Looking after your horse

My favourite quote on burnout comes from Robert Murray M’Cheyne. He was an especially gifted man who graduated from University as a fourteen year old and was pastoring a Presbyterian congregation of over a thousand by age twenty three. However, he worked himself not just to the point of burnout, but until his health finally broke. Before he died at age twenty nine, he wrote: “God gave me a message [...]

By |July 2020|

“Man Down!”

1 Corinthians 5 – A case in church discipline being neglected In the best police forces there must be a tight cohesion in extremely dangerous situations. The awareness and responsibility for fellow officers are part and parcel of these operations. Nowhere is this more evident than when one of them becomes wounded to the degree they are incapacitated. Then the call will go out – ‘Man Down!’ – and immediately covering [...]

By |June 2020|

Picture books as teaching tools

My husband and I have four children, aged 6 through 11, and we love books! The library is a prime destination for our household and I have bookcases at home full of a range of genres and reading levels. Many of these books are picture books as this was basically all we read when I had four children under five. Picture books are often undervalued as teaching tools for our [...]

By |April 2020|
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