John Goris
Prayer! Ah yes, we know it is important. We tell our children: “Wait!” when they get around the dinner table. “We pray first!” And rightly so, for “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down fromthe Father of heavenly lights …” (James 1:17).
But there is more to prayer than meets the eye and when our food is on the table. It is a bond with God, our heavenly Father, and with the Father’s Son, our Saviour. That implies vital communication.
We are all usually ready to admit that we need to improve on that daily communication.
One author1 reminds us that we often face the fact that our windows toward heaven can get “fogged up”.
Remember Daniel praying three times a day with his window open towards Jerusalem.
In considering the importance of prayer we need to look at some vital issues, such as
(1) Discovering the distractions
(2) Discerning the needed priorities
(3) Displaying wisdom in perseverance
(4) Disinfecting unhealthy trends

1. Discovering the distractions …
Never forget that we have a great enemy who will always try to distract us from God, for our strength is from God! We are in a constant war with this enemy of our souls. In Ephesians 6:10-18 the apostle reminds us of the spiritual powers of evil, and the spiritual armour we need to put on …”praying on all occasions with all kinds of prayers ….”.
There are also other kinds of distractions: our own “sinful flesh”, our personal selfish interests, our weak responses to spiritual needs, our tired bodies after a busy day, our own ‘little’ world, etc.
Prayer is always in danger of being restricted, or pushed around.
For that reason it pays to purposely seek for the best prayer times.